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Estate Planning

Here at Artha Wealth Management Ltd we can help with a diverse range of solutions to help you reduce the potential Inheritance Tax liability.

As a consequence of increasing property prices more people than before have found themselves being caught liable to Inheritance Tax. If your estate is over the inheritance tax allowance when you die, it will also be subject to a tax, known as inheritance tax.

There are a wide range of investment products which are acceptable to HM Revenue and Customs and which enable investors to reduce their potential liability to either income tax or inheritance tax or both.

Pension scheme members can also reduce their family’s liability to inheritance tax on the value of the member’s death benefits by arranging spousal bypass trusts.

Ultimately, financial planning will focus on what happens to the estate when you are no longer around, we can help by talking to you about the importance of making a will and the basics of inheritance tax.

Should you then wish to find out more about estate planning and inheritance tax we can arrange an initial discussion.

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